★ Winery design and development 

From concept to commissioning; working with architects, engineers and builders, providing process knowledge and understanding. Special interests include gravity flow and gentle handling systems with emphasis on minimising energy inputs and waste.

★ Vineyard development

Vineyard site selection including climate data, aspect, soil analysis and preparation. Vineyard design - Trellis selection, plant spacing, row orientation, irrigation and frost fighting. Comprehensive design and costings.

★ Winemaking and wine production management

Assistance given with all aspects of winemaking with particular emphasis on cool climate varieties like Pinot Noir and Riesling.

★ Professional advocacy

Assistance with insurance claims and providing expert representation at court hearings.

★ Wine business model

A comprehensive budgeting model, incorporating user friendly assumption (input) modules. These include vineyard development and management, winery development and management, and sales and distribution.

★ Feasibility studies

Investigation of technical and economic viability of projects before commiting large amounts of money. Models for scenario analysis and projected cashflows.

★ Land and resource consent applications

Assistance with winery consent applications in Central Otago and Marlborough regions (NZ).