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Wine tasting
The primary reason to drink wine is for enjoyment and to accompany and complement a meal. Some wines do, however, warrant so little more thought and time to mediate over and by observing a wine's colour and clarity, smell and then finally taste, it not only can make the experience more pleasurable but also provide the drinker with clues to the wine's quality and also where it was produced. Although tasting wine involves all the senses, it is the smell and taste that are most important - and where most of the pleasure is derived.
When we wish to communicate the taste of wine with others it is necessary to have a logic and a vocabulary with which to do so. Often we smell or taste a wine and recognize a favour but don’t have the word to describe it. A smell may be on the “tip of the tongue” but unless we are able to describe it in a meaningful way, the frustration can be annoying.

The more we taste different wine types, styles and qualities and learn about where and how they are produced, the better our understanding. This understanding allows us to rely on our own perceptions and not always believe what the label or marketing are telling us. Not only do dedicated wine folk have a fair idea of wine's quality but can also determine (without looking at the label) the region and locality from where the wine was produced.