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Monthly weather archive 



Last month's weather - 2017 August (Winter)

August was warmand wetwith a daily average temperature of 6.6 C and a ground temperature of 5.8C.Thirteen  frosts were recorded over the month with 4  below -5 C. The average wind speed was 7.9 km/hr and monthly rainfall only 71mm Overall, warmground temperatures would have encouraged the onset of budburst. 

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It should be noted that Central Otago is large and diverse region  with vineyards located from the valley floors (150 metres above sea level) to the lower terraces of mountain ranges (450 metres). The observations given here are from one vineyard and are only generally respresentative of the entire region. The three charts below give the long term climatic averages, over the growing season, for the site (250 metres ASL) described above.